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Dr. Wong has retired from the practice of medicine effective June 30th, 2024. Patients should return to their primary care doctor and ask for a cardiologist referral, If you have had the Cleerly study done with Dr. Mathew Budoff you have the option of calling his practice to setup an appointment. Please call 310-222-5189.
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Worried about what your health insurance covers?

Worried about what your health insurance covers?

Hi, I’m Monica and am here to help you.
It can get confusing:
Have I met my deductible? What is covered and what isn’t?
What will I be responsible for?
If you want to deal with this in advance, I am happy to help.
Don’t put off knowing what your risks are, and how to address them, because you are concerned about getting bills for items, you don’t understand and are not prepared to pay.   Ask me and I will get you answers.
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At HeartCare, our goal is to keep patients out of the hospital by diagnosing and treating major risk factors of cardiovascular disease. HeartCare’s Medical Director, Dr. Wong has practiced cardiology for over 40 years in the downtown Los Angeles area.

 Preventive Cardiology: its time is now!

Preventive Cardiology: its time is now!

Preventive cardiology specialists are rare! Although Dr. Michael Wong has a wide and deep background in every aspect of noninvasive cardiology, both as practiced in the hospital and outpatient clinic, he chose to focus on prevention almost 20 years ago, and the practice has evolved accordingly.

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Cleerly Heart Testing and Heart Treatment
We are excited to announce that HeartCare is now offering Cleerly heart testing. Cleerly is an AI-enabled software that uses CT scans of your heart to identi...
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 Preventive Cardiology: its time is now!

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