Give Yourself Peace of Mind and Heart this Year

Concerned about family history of heart disease, heart attack or stroke? Experiencing troubling symptoms? Heart pain, palpitations, irregular breathing, high cholesterol, obesity, irregular heartbeat? Already suffered a heart scare or have indicators of a possible stroke? Have no health insurance or issues with your health insurer?

There is a simple solution:

All-Inclusive Cardiology Evaluation for $350

Cardiologist Dr. Michael J. Wong specializes in prevention of heart attack and stroke. Those
facing medical-insurance or financial difficulties can avail themselves of a special, all-inclusive cardiology evaluation.

Schedule by February 14, 2013 and receive the following:

  • Consultation with Dr. Michael J. Wong for diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • EKG.
  • Cholestech (finger-stick) test, measuring total cholesterol, HDL,LDL, triglycerides and glucose. Not necessary to be fasting.
  • Full medical-history review and physical: SEE INTAKE FORMS ON THE LEFT
  • If you provide your prior medical records at the time of the consult, your past history can be incorporated into the diagnosis and treatment plan. If you have copies of your old EKG(s), they are helpful to assess any changes,

Total Cost: $350 | Call (213) 483-7766

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About Dr. Michael J. Wong

Board certified in Internal Medicine and Clinical Lipidology, Dr. Michael J. Wong is a Los Angeles-based cardiologist specializing in the detection, prevention, and treatment of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. A graduate of Stanford University, he received his M.D. at George Washington University Medical School. He served as Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA from 1982-1986 & 1996-2007. Dr. Wong did his military service as a cardiologist at the US Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, CO, where he pioneered the use of treadmill stress testing to measure heart efficiency. In January 2013 Dr. Wong was certified to be one of six physicians in Los Angeles eligible to prescribe the new pharmaceutical Juxtapid (lomitapide) for patients suffering from extremely high cholesterol, unresponsive to statin therapy. The condition is called hypercholesterolemia. Dr. Wong is currently accepting new patients. Please call (213) 483-7766 for appointments.