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Are fish oil capsules (omega-3 fatty acid) good for your heart health?


There are three recent publications describing studies on fish oil capsules that Dr. Michael Wong reviewed recently that suggest NO.Read More

 What do these persons have in common?

what do these persons have in common

Phil Jackson, Tim Russert, Bill Clinton, Jim Fixx, Don Bunce, Chan Gailey, Darryl Kile, David Bowie, Paula Danziger. Read More

James Gandolfini

james galdonfini

News of the sudden death of actor James Gandolfini yesterday at 51 while on vacation in Rome is reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s, before we learned as much as we know now about cardiovascular disease. Sudden death was much more common back then for men in their 50s, or even 40s. Read More




Today the AMA voted to add obesity as a disease to the coding system doctors use to describe their patients’ conditions. Read More

Walking really, really, works!


We reviewed the actual study and the results are surprising!Read More


Our Lifestyle Tips

A New Paradigm

The old way of understanding heart disease has changed. It is no longer appropriate to think of cardiovascular problems as clogs that can be roto-rooted out or bypassed and resolved. Today we understand that heart disease is a condition that must be addressed system-wide if it is to be treated successfully


How to Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease (atherosclerosis) is progressive, but it is also preventable.  The American Heart Association lists seven measures to improve your heart health:

1. Stop smoking.
2. Control cholesterol.
3. Manage blood pressure.
4. Reduce blood sugar.
5. Lose weight.
6. Eat better.
7. Get active.

You may notice all of these have something in common:  You can do something about them!  Experts agree that reducing your risk factors leads to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Adopt the lifestyle of the healthy, happy, and wise by building exercise, quiet time, and heart-healthy meals into your daily routine. It isn’t difficult if you simply focus on making a few, simple changes.  For example:

  • Exercise Regularly – Use a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps a day. When you’re short of reaching that goal, your pedometer makes you aware of the gap.
  • Reduce Stress – Down time eases anxiety and keeps you focused and in the present. Sit for five minutes when you wake, and again before sleeping.
  • Eat Right – Try some of our taste-and fat-tested recipes. Add one of our recipes into your routine, replacing one of your least healthy standbys.


{slide=American Heart Association}www.americanheart.org
One of the country’s leading, innovative non-profits, dedicated to curing heart disease. Responsible for educating the public about diet, excercise, and the dangers of smoking.{/slide}{slide=American Stroke Association}www.strokeassociation.org
This division of the American Heart Association is focused on education and prevention of stroke. A stroke is also known as a “brain attack” and is a potentially fatal event deriving from many of the same factors that cause a heart attack.
{/slide}{slide=California Smokers’ Helpline}www.tobaccofreeca.com
In various languages and for the hearing-impaired, this helpline offers materials, referrals, and counseling. Focus is on quitting smoking and on quitting chewing tobacco.

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