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Worried about what your health insurance covers?
It can get confusing:
Have I met my deductible?
What is covered and what isn't?
What will I be responsible for?
If you want to deal with this in advance, we are happy to help.
Don't put off knowing what your risks are,
and how to address them,
because you are concerned about getting bills
for items, you don't understand and are not 
prepared to pay.

Ask us and we will get you answers. 
Concerned about your risk for dementia?

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Studies are showing that the same measures that help your heart and the whole cardiovascular system also help your brain!

The cardiovascular system carries oxygen to all parts of the body.  So if your arteries are compromised by inflammation, and you have invisible soft plaque ready to rupture and cause a stroke or heart attack, that will affect your brain as well.

 To find out how to manage your risks of dementia as well as cardiovascular disease,
call us at 213 483-7766.
Concerned about your risk for Cancer?

Several recent studies show a large number of cancers that can be reduced by the same preventive measures that prevent or reverse cardiovascular disease.

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A small investment now pays big dividends later!

prevention vs cure

The future of healthcare is prevention.  But not just some tips on diet and a gym membership!  We use the most sophisticated and advanced diagnostic techniques, so we can identify and treat each person's specific risk factors with different lifestyle modifications and/or medication.  If you spend the next ten years avoiding certain foods that contribute to inflammatory plaque in your arteries, you will look, feel, and act much healthier and better in ten years than if you did nothing and were not even aware of the problem.

Healthcare, as practiced now, is too expensive; that's something everyone can agree on.  But we think money spent on finding out whether you are at high. medium, or low risk, and then how to address the problems we find is well-spent. 

Benjamin Franklin

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”




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Michael J. Wong, M.D.

Fellow of the American Heart Association

Board Certified in Clinical Lipidology and Internal Medicine. 

Practice limited to Cardiology.

 Preventive Cardiology: its time is now!


At HeartCare, we know about palpitations, irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, chest pain, sometimes against the background of a bad family history. All are symptoms that should not be ignored.

We have a few same-day or next-day appointments every week available for those who need them.

These appointments are only available by a phone call to our office during regular business hours.

 CALL US AT (213)483-7766


*If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms and are unable to reach anyone immediately, you should call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room*


Doctor Michael Wong, HeartCare’s Medical Director, has practiced cardiology for over 40 years in the downtown Los Angeles area. He was Board-Certified in Clinical Lipidology in 2007 and recertified in December 2017, both times after a rigorous exam in this area. Lipidology is the science of cholesterol and blood chemistry leading to cardiovascular disease. There are only a handful of doctors in Southern California who have earned this certification.

Doctor Wong has specialized in Preventive Cardiology since the 1990s and our goal at HeartCare is to keep patients out of the hospital by diagnosing and treating major risk factors of cardiovascular disease. We focus on lifestyle modification where possible and supplement these changes with medication where necessary.

Why is good cardiovascular health important?


Family is why.


Preventive cardiology specialists are rare!
Although Dr. Michael Wong has a wide and deep background in every aspect of noninvasive cardiology, both as practiced in the hospital and outpatient clinic, he chose to focus on prevention almost 20 years ago, and the practice has evolved accordingly.

CALL US AT (213)483-7766


Prevention means that we have the latest in diagnostic tools.  Seventy percent of heart attacks are caused by a rupture of the invisible soft plaque in the arteries.  That can explain why unlikely candidates sometimes have a heart attack as a first symptom.  With the tools we have available, we can tell a patient with some degree of precision where he or she is on the risk scale.  We have other tools that measure how well a patient sleeps, 24-hour blood-pressure monitors that detect spikes at night; and a device that measures the health of the endothelium, the lining of the arteries where plaque can accumulate.
Besides diagnostic tools, we have the External Counter-pulsation (ECP) bed, where those patients who cannot exercise, due to angina or other issues, have an alternative to bypass surgery.  We have lifestyle modifications specific to a patient's risk.  For example, some can tolerate simple carbs and alcohol better than others, but could reduce the intake of dairy products and red meat, or vice-versa.  We can measure progress in as short a period as several months and tell patients if they are on the right track.  We usually want patients to return several times in the first year or two.
Studies have shown that the preventive measures that affect the cardiovascular system have crossover effects in terms of also preventing cancers and dementia!  So if you want the most precise and accurate read on your overall health and how to focus your efforts most effectively, come and see us.  Your healthcare dollars and efforts will be spent wisely.


 Taking care of yourself is a gift to those you love.

Doctor Wong received his B.S. from Stanford University and his M.D. at George Washington University Medical School in Washington D.C. He did his training at UCLA/Wadsworth VA Hospital and served in the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, where he introduced the first treadmill for stress testing. He is a long-time volunteer at the American Heart Association, which has honored him many times for his contributions and recently elected him a Fellow of the AHA.


We accept Medicare, Tricare, Oscar, PPO plans, and we have affordable rates for those without insurance, or for those who have an HMO plan but still want the benefit of our services.

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