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Michael J. Wong, M.D.

Fellow of the American Heart Association

Board Certified in Clinical Lipidology and Internal Medicine. 

Practice limited to Cardiology.

 Preventive Cardiology: its time is now!


At HeartCare, we know about palpitations, irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, chest pain, sometimes against the knowledge of a bad family history. All are symptoms that should not be ignored.

We have a few same-day or next-day appointments every week available for those who need them. These appointments are only available by a phone call to our office during regular business hours (M-F 8-4:30).

 CALL US AT (213)483-7766


*If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms and are unable to reach anyone immediately, you should call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room*


Doctor Michael Wong, HeartCare’s Medical Director, has practiced cardiology for over 40 years in the downtown Los Angeles area. He was Board-Certified in Clinical Lipidology in 2007 and recertified in December 2017, both times after a rigorous exam in this area. Lipidology is the science of cholesterol and blood chemistry leading to cardiovascular disease. There are only a handful of doctors in Southern California who have earned this certification.

Doctor Wong has specialized in Preventive Cardiology since the 1990s and our goal at HeartCare is to keep patients out of the hospital by diagnosing and treating major risk factors of cardiovascular disease. We focus on lifestyle modification where possible and supplement these changes with medication where necessary.

Why is good cardiovascular health important?


Family is why.


Prevention means both primary prevention, where a patient has not suffered any events (but may have a bad family history, worrisome symptoms, or who simply wants peace of mind from a thorough cardiac workup); and secondary prevention, after a heart attack or stroke. Because the progression of cardiovascular disease can be invisible and deadly, we recommend a baseline screening for anyone over the age of 40. For those who have suffered an event, we recommend a consultation with Dr. Wong.


CALL US AT (213)483-7766


At HeartCare we use the most advanced and sophisticated diagnostics to understand and calibrate a patient’s risk of an adverse event. We have state-of-the-art equipment and testing to detect and track risk factors, including the most advanced blood tests, imaging of the coronary arteries, sleep studies, monitors to measure heart rhythms, and, External Counter-Pulsation (ECP therapy),a noninvasive treatment that is sometimes recommended instead of bypass surgery.

Doctor Wong received his B.S. at Stanford University and his M.D. at George Washington University Medical School in Washington D.C. He did his training at UCLA/Wadsworth VA Hospital and served in the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, where he introduced the first treadmill for stress testing. He is a long-time volunteer at the American Heart Association, which has honored him many times for his contributions and recently elected him a Fellow of the AHA.


 Taking care of yourself is a gift to those you love.

We accept Medicare, Tricare, Oscar, PPO plans, and we have affordable rates for those without insurance, or for those who have an HMO plan but still want the benefit of our services.

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